The Will to Kill

Leaving the gun control issue aside (I know we can’t really, but it’s not what this post is about, if you have the will to read on), I find myself pondering how it is that so many young people (and others, not so young) in this country have arrived at a mindset where they have calculated that slaughtering a large number of people—children, adults, whatever—is somehow a thing that they’re ready, willing, and able to meticulously plan and carry out with absolute cold hearted ruthlessness. Knowing they’re likely to die, or even planning on dying themselves as an end result.

How is that rational, or even sane?

How are we not spotting this level of mental instability? Or hatred? Or evil? How can someone be appearing to conduct a relatively “normal” life then suddenly commit an appalling atrocity? What’s going on out there? Are there no warning signs? Can we point to a root cause or causes?

Even if you could erase every gun from the face of the earth (which might be really awesome in the long run, as long as you never find yourself faced with a violent attacker you were unable to subdue with your martial arts skills), how is it we would still have so many people walking around on our planet with such an astonishingly callous lack of regard for human life, and such a grim desire/determination to exterminate it?

What in the actual fuck is happening in the hearts of the folks who are pulling the triggers, and the ones who are wanting to do it right now, the ones whose private journals are being written even as I type this sentence? God help us as a civilization if we don’t figure that shit out.

Riddle me that, however you plot your political position on the continuum.

By the way, I don’t own a gun and probably never will. I’m not really that emotionally invested in gun ownership. I’m all for banning assault rifles and toughening laws regarding ownership and responsibility for safe storage. All that, and more, would be fine with me. That’s not my inquiry here. It’s about the prevalence of the WILL to KILL–not just some individual that slept with your wife or ruined you financially with an evil scheme, but–large numbers of people, even children. To murder them. Mercilessly. This seems a largely modern phenomenon.

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